Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Go From ZERO To $997 in 30 Days or Less (The Builders Blueprint)

Whenever I see article titles that sound too good to be true, I usually cringe. Because I know what's coming next: Some high hype, pushy promotion for a gimmick, gadget or guru that I already know in my bones is NOT going to perform as promised.
So I hope, if you're with me so keep an open mind.
The simple sequence of steps below not only works amazingly well, it WILL work for you, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why it's both simple, and exceedingly effective.
And yes.....I know that no matter how hard they try, most people will NEVER make money online.
And that over simplifying it sounds suspicious.
That the urge to keep learning, studying and trying new things is often overwhelming.
I challenge you to STOP thinking about making a sale or two....and instead, start focusing on building a REAL business that delivers REAL value to people who appreciate it.
It took me thousands of hours online..... and literally, years of my life to realize that my BEST clients and customers weren't going to come from SEO, or a blog post, or a social media trick.
Instead, they were going to come from the people who were looking for me already.....even if they didn't know who I was just yet.
Okay, with that backdrop, here is sequence of steps to go from ZERO to $997 this month, without any weird tricks at all.
There are only 3 steps. And I promise, they work!
Step 1: Register 3 HYPER local domain names in the area that you live.
Step 2: Get a hosting package that will accommodate all 3 in one plan (very cheap - under $10 a month)
Step 3: Install WordPress on all 3 sites. If you are able, install a premium theme on each site. This will cost another $50 at most, but will add lots of aesthetic value to your properties
Step 4: Develop the sites with good local content related to each industry or vertical. The more content you add, the more value each site will have.
Step 5: Search for all of the businesses that are currently competing in this industry in your area. Do Google searches, yellow page searches, Google places listings and directory listings as well. You want 12-15 potential prospects in each market.
Step 6: Contact each potential prospect, and let them know you are web developer with a premium property in their niche available for sale....and you want to give them first "dibs" on acquiring it.
If you price each website at $333, you will have NO problem selling them with amazing ease. To some local businesses, the domain name alone is worth that!
Of course, you now have a HUGE captive audience of potential clients as well, where you can offer SEO, blog building, consulting, social media strategy, article writing, copywriting, you name can offer it, and a large percentage of clients who buy your stuff will be VERY happy to offer you more business, I promise!
The truth is......
This is one article where the promise in the title is actually a lot LESS than the potential profit you could make. I don't have to tell you to "do the math", but if you change the numbers above to reflect REAL market value, and you factor in back end products and services, you can earn 6 or 7 times that with ease!

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