Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time for Your Business to Go Online!

The recession has really made many businessmen and potential investors think twice and even back out of some deals. Many of them do not want to face the troubles that the unstable economy might bring. Fortunately, the Internet was invented and it has become a very great medium for businesspeople that need a place for their businesses. Good thing that there are also cheap domains being offered by web hosting sites, so that businessmen would not have to spend too much when starting their businesses.
Cheap domains are made available by web hosting companies through great plans; these include applications that can help business owners design their own websites and add features on them. They also help them browse through their websites easily. Tools also come with these domain plans that web hosting sites offer and there are also some programs that will make their online websites secure. All these, one can get for very cheap rates.
It is really a good idea for businesspeople to go online and register their own domains. You would not need to spend money on a regular basis just to get your business going. With online businesses, all you have to do is spend quite a significant amount of money at the start to pay the web hosting companies. After that, all you need to do is to maintain and manage your website. With offline businesses, however, businessmen would have to pay the rent, monthly salaries of many of its employees, and electric bills, among others. They would also have to spend money on maintaining the interior and exterior of their establishments.
Businessmen have to remember a few things, though, once they decide to venture online. They must always try to develop new and effective marketing strategies, so that people will constantly be attracted to the things that they have to offer. The Internet is a place wherein changes and innovations happen almost every minute, so to keep up with competitors, a business owner must always use various marketing techniques. He must also be on the lookout for trends all the time, so that his business would not be left out.
Online business owners must also relate to their customers. They must understand the needs of their clients and make them see how the products and services would be beneficial to them. Owners of businesses must also provide their clients with testimonials from previous customers, so that the clients will be able to know more about the product and its advantages. With testimonials, it will be easier for them to believe what you assert about the products and services of your company through other people.
Investing in Internet business may be more beneficial than offline businesses, as they will let you save more money in the long run. Also, because of the instability of the global economy, it is only right to put your money on something which shows certainty in generating profits. Cheap domains are always available to those who are planning to start businesses online, so that they would not have to spend too much just to run their businesses.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Secrets To Increase Business Profits

Today's most successful businesses are playing by a set of rules that are different from the ones you might have learned in business school or from some seminars you attended five or ten years ago. Nowadays, big business profits are made by companies that bear these five secrets in mind.
1. Happy Customers
Gone are the days when you could buy the press and keep unhappy customers from having a voice. All of marketing is devoted to maintaining the impression of having happy customers. However, the only way to maintain this appearance is to actually have happy customers. The first and most important secret is to improve customer satisfaction.
2. Be Outstanding
To increase business profits, you need two things above all: an outstanding product and outstanding marketing. You can't just have one or the other. Sometimes a great product gets lucky and sells without strong marketing to back it up, and sometimes strong marketing sells a lousy product. However, the divide is getting smaller, and if you want to make it today, you're going to need to provide something excellent on all levels.
3. Get Them Sharing
Anytime you have sharing built right into your product or marketing, you know you're on the right track. The only way to increase business profits is to get people talking, and the only way to get people talking is to get them wanting to talk.
You can get people wanting to talk in cheap, dishonest ways such as forcing them to share a link on Facebook if they want to read an article, but you're better off leaving them with a product or service or app or website that they will actually enjoy using more if they bring a few friends along.
4. Set a Goal
It's important to consider what you really consider successful. Ask yourself what you really mean when you say that you want to make big business profits. Making a few dollars a day on a funny Internet video is perfectly fine if you're just putting out a lot of videos and only using this for supplemental income. However, successful businesses in the mainstream film industry have to make hundreds of millions of dollars a year to stay afloat.
Knowing where you draw the line in the sand, how big you want to be, and how high you want to shoot is important. You need to know what you want and what you're up against if you want to know how to get there.
5. Turning Strangers into Friends
The big idea behind marketing is turning strangers into friends, and friends into customers. In some ways this is easier than ever with the Internet. In others, it is more challenging than ever due to the greater competition. The bottom line, again, comes down to customers. In a world where customers can tell everybody exactly what kind of experience they've had with your company, the most important thing will always be to improve customer satisfaction.
If your business could use a boost, and you want to double your sales, satisfy your customer base and grow at the same time, then visit our site and download your Free Training Pack. As an entrepreneur you will see the value in driving your business forward and investigating opportunities as they arise. BigBusinessProfits.com is all about you and how we can better your business. After all, without successful businesses, the world would simply stop.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Your MLM Business and How to Register and Host It Yourself

Driving sales to your business is the name of the game whether your business is an MLM business or any company for that matter. And today what better way then by using the internet, but to do that you need a webpage. Assuming that you have already decided on what to call your domain, registering it with a service provider such as Go Daddy, is your next step before having it hosted. I personally use Host Gator as a hosting service. This whole process can be a bit daunting if this is your first time, but what I like about Host Gator is their cPanel and the Fantastico interface.
If your domain is registered with Go Daddy like mine and you want it hosted on a Host Gator server, here is the walkthrough that I used. (You can of course have your domain registered and hosted on the same site if you choose.)
1. Log into your Go Daddy account.
2. Go to title bar and click on the "My Account" tab.
3. Below your listed domains under "My Products" bar, click on the "domains button."
4. At the right end of the domains bar click on the "Launch button."
5. It will now list all of your registered domains. Check the boxes of those domains that you want to manage, in this case those domains that you want pointed to the Host Gator website. By doing so all of the icons in the above bar are now lit up and accessible.
6. Choose the "names server" icon. It will give you two choices, choose the "set nameservers" option.
7. In the box that comes up choose "I have specific nameservers for my domains", and fill in only those that were emailed to you from Host Gator when you signed up to have your domains hosted with them. They will probably have given you two nameservers. Four blank boxes will show, leave the extra two boxes empty.
8. Click "OK".
9. A window will come up stating that you may have to wait from two hours to several days for this to take effect, chances are it will happen in minutes, just so you know.
Pointing your domain to a different website is not the same as transferring them. Do not let the boxes on the right side of Host Gator header confuse you as that interface is for moving and registering your domains with Host Gator, it is not for just pointing your domains to them for hosting, while leaving them still registered with Go Daddy.
The following is a walkthrough for getting your domain hosted by Host Gator.
1. When you activated your account with Host Gator they emailed you with all of your account info. It should have had a link to your cPanel. (I find it useful to have all of my links bookmarked in my bookmark bar in my browser.) "Click on that link now and bring up your cPanel."
2. Scroll down the cPanel page to the "Domains" bar
3. Click on the "Addon Domains" icon under that bar.
4. In the "New Domain Name" field enter your full domain name as yourdomain.com
5. The rests of the fields will fill in automatically.
6. You must enter your password that came in the email when you activated your account with Host Gator.
7. Then click on the "Add Domain" button on the bottom of the page and you are now finished with getting your domain hosted with Host Gator.
The final and last step is getting WordPress installed. Remember WordPress.org is WordPress' business blog service and it is for anyone serious in doing business on the Internet. It is for self hosted websites and it gives you many options needed for a meaningful website to promote your MLM business on line. You own and control all of the content and can host your own email accounts. WordPress has their non-business blog service at wordpress.com and it is more for the hobbyist, and non-serious business person.
1. Two menu bars below the Domains bar in your cPanel you will find the "Software/Services" bar, click on the "QuickInstall" button.
2. This takes you to the QuickInstall page, find "WordPress" under the Blog Software bar and click on it.
3. You will see "continue" in the right hand column, click on it.
4. Go to the box with the title, "Install WordPress" and choose the domain name that you want to use the WordPress software with.
5. I believe that you can fill out "Admin email, Blog Title, and First and Last Name" at a later date if you choose, then click on the "Install now" button.
6. Remember to bookmark your site and back office for ready access.
7. Your back office in WordPress with the tools to create your web page should have an address something like this yourdomainname.com/wp-admin.
Now that your webpage is up and running learning how to make it found by the search engines particularly Google is of utmost importance if you are really serious about driving traffic to your website to grow your MLM business, because without traffic you have no business.

Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Go From ZERO To $997 in 30 Days or Less (The Builders Blueprint)

Whenever I see article titles that sound too good to be true, I usually cringe. Because I know what's coming next: Some high hype, pushy promotion for a gimmick, gadget or guru that I already know in my bones is NOT going to perform as promised.
So I hope, if you're with me so far.......you keep an open mind.
The simple sequence of steps below not only works amazingly well, it WILL work for you, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why it's both simple, and exceedingly effective.
And yes.....I know that no matter how hard they try, most people will NEVER make money online.
And that over simplifying it sounds suspicious.
That the urge to keep learning, studying and trying new things is often overwhelming.
I challenge you to STOP thinking about making a sale or two....and instead, start focusing on building a REAL business that delivers REAL value to people who appreciate it.
It took me thousands of hours online..... and literally, years of my life to realize that my BEST clients and customers weren't going to come from SEO, or a blog post, or a social media trick.
Instead, they were going to come from the people who were looking for me already.....even if they didn't know who I was just yet.
Okay, with that backdrop, here is sequence of steps to go from ZERO to $997 this month, without any weird tricks at all.
There are only 3 steps. And I promise, they work!
Step 1: Register 3 HYPER local domain names in the area that you live.
Step 2: Get a hosting package that will accommodate all 3 in one plan (very cheap - under $10 a month)
Step 3: Install WordPress on all 3 sites. If you are able, install a premium theme on each site. This will cost another $50 at most, but will add lots of aesthetic value to your properties
Step 4: Develop the sites with good local content related to each industry or vertical. The more content you add, the more value each site will have.
Step 5: Search for all of the businesses that are currently competing in this industry in your area. Do Google searches, yellow page searches, Google places listings and directory listings as well. You want 12-15 potential prospects in each market.
Step 6: Contact each potential prospect, and let them know you are web developer with a premium property in their niche available for sale....and you want to give them first "dibs" on acquiring it.
If you price each website at $333, you will have NO problem selling them with amazing ease. To some local businesses, the domain name alone is worth that!
Of course, you now have a HUGE captive audience of potential clients as well, where you can offer SEO, blog building, consulting, social media strategy, article writing, copywriting, you name it....you can offer it, and a large percentage of clients who buy your stuff will be VERY happy to offer you more business, I promise!
The truth is......
This is one article where the promise in the title is actually a lot LESS than the potential profit you could make. I don't have to tell you to "do the math", but if you change the numbers above to reflect REAL market value, and you factor in back end products and services, you can earn 6 or 7 times that with ease!